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  • Executive Administrative Assistant

    SPXFLOW spxflow is a small company that needs flexible freelancer
    • Part-Time
    • Posted 5 months ago
    • May 1, 2020
  • Cannabis Related Blog Writer

    • Freelance
    • Posted 5 months ago
  • Sales rep

    • Commission
    • Part-Time
    • Posted 6 months ago
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Jobs in the Cannabis Industry: A Beginners Guide

Why do people decide to work in the cannabis industry? The legalization of marijuana is spreading rapidly all over the world. Entrepreneurs view it as a growing industry and open businesses related to cannabis. Thus, the number of jobs in this field has skyrocketed during the last decade. Nowadays more and more people choose to work

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Jobs in Cannabis Branding and Marketing

When you think about jobs in the cannabis industry, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? If you are relatively familiar with the world of marijuana, you may have thought of professionals such as delivery drivers, budtenders, and growers. However, those who work in service-based positions are not the only ones responsible

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Starting a CBD Business: Tips to Enter the Industry

Introduction Have you been considering starting your own business in the cannabis industry? What about the CBD industry? The latter is a subset of the former and it’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is among hundreds of cannabinoids that are naturally present in the cannabis plant. The other famous cannabinoid

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The Word of Law on Workplace “Drug” Testing

Many public and private employees test their prospective employees and those already on staff for drug use, including marijuana in so-called “legal” states. Most of the time, employers make these tests mandatory, requiring you to submit a sample for testing, and failing to do so might result in employment termination. But what does the law

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5 Must-Know High-Paying Jobs in the Hemp Industry

The hemp industry is on a steady rise, both in popularity and societal acceptance, now that hemp is being regulated in many states in America. In fact, GlobeNews Wire stated that hemp’s global market size could reach a CAGR of 16.2% by 2026. With that said, hemp enthusiasts are now more eager to get into

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Nevada Cannabis Law: An Example for Other States?

Legalizing cannabis for both medical and recreational use in Nevada has been on the agenda for a lot longer than much of the USA. Nevada has always been something of an outlier for laws in America, and doesn’t necessarily follow what is going on in other states. Cannabis has been “decriminalized” for a lot longer

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What It’s Like to Work in the Cannabis Industry

For some stoners, it’s a dream come true to work in the cannabis business. With the legalization of medicinal marijuana taking place in thirty-three states and recreational cannabis in ten states plus the District of Columbia, you may wonder how accessible it is. Is it similar to working at your uncle’s pub, but groovier? Is

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Cannabis Prohibition History

Understanding the Law: Federal vs State Cannabis Legalization

While not all states have legalized recreational cannabis consumption, the multi-billion pot industry is still on an all-time high. The establishment of more cannabis dispensaries—and related businesses—have paved the way for more job opportunities. While the demand for weed, be it for medical or recreational consumption is steadily rising. Undeniably, there’s still a bit of

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10 Steps to Get a Job in the Marijuana Industry

Federal job counters may not readily reveal the number of people working in the marijuana industry today. But reliable job-listing sites including Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter say that cannabusinesses employ at least 211,000 people across the country. What’s more, this number is expected to triple as more cannabis products pop up and more states liberalize cannabis

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Working in the CBD Industry: 3 Jobs for CBD Fanatics

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound from the cannabis plant that has been used as a medical treatment for many years. It is only recently, however, that this substance became readily available in grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and lifestyle stores. CBD is widely believed to offer a wide range of health benefits, from alleviating pain

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Marijuana Job Fairs: Standing Out from the Crowd

You can spend all day long on the internet scouring for jobs in the marijuana industry, but odds are the best way to find one is by attending marijuana job fairs. Just like the college job fairs of yore, cannabis-themed events like these are a great opportunity for candidates to make connections and take advantage

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5 Tips for Getting a Job in a Cannabis Dispensary

The cannabis industry is growing, and opportunities or jobs in the cannabis dispensary are also experiencing an upturn. Thanks to the increasing demands of medical cannabis prescriptions and the legalization of recreational marijuana, this industry has become one of the fastest-growing job markets today. In early 2019, Leafly’s data team learned that over 211,000 people

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How Much Do Master Growers Make?: Winning Big with Legal Weed

If we were to compile a survey covering the most desired jobs in the legal cannabusiness, master grower would surely be on the list every time. It’s also one of the best marijuana jobs for college educated folks. Of course, this position involves the most hands-on relationship with cannabis and involves directly facilitating the successful

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Average Marijuana Dispensary Pay: Success in Cannabis Sales

Making money in the cannabis industry is all about drive, professional connections and knowledge of the plant known formally as Cannabis sativa L. The legal cannabusiness has infiltrated into many other ancillary and associated industries, creating new jobs for passionate pot lovers.  Average marijuana dispensary pay represents a full spectrum of entry level, management and

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CBD in Dispensaries

In the past, dispensaries were only a place where you would visit to browse through a variety of cannabis products. From ounces of weed to edibles, THC dominated the industry. Those who either needed the product recreationally or medically would visit these shops to meet their needs. Then, CBD came into the picture. This substance

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How to Work in the Cannabusiness at Any Education Level

How to Work in the Cannabusiness at Any Education Level

The cannabis industry offers fertile territory to explore the relationship between education level and job placement. Recent legalization efforts have been won in the face of active stigma and by their very nature subvert traditional American business trends. As young, college educated job candidates apply for the same jobs as former black-market cannabis growers, just

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Marijuana Dispensary Packaging & Labeling for Beginners

If you have lived in the United States in the past 10 years, you would have noticed the rapid change in marijuana policies. Even in states where marijuana is not legal yet, they have seen an increase in citizens wanting it legalized. People are starting to realize the benefits that cannabis can provide them or

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Popular Cannabis Industry Job Opportunities

As states continue to legalize cannabis, the industry keeps adding jobs. In fact, industry-wide, it is expected that nearly 300,000 marijuana jobs will exist by 2020. Currently there are already 28 states with some form of legalized medical marijuana and eight of those states have legalized recreational marijuana. From budtender to sales representative at an

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5 Tips To Improve The Security Of Your Cannabis Dispensary

The use of cannabis is steadily growing, especially now that more and more states are starting to ease through the use of marijuana. Technically speaking, it is still illegal under federal law and is currently labeled as a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act. Meanwhile, medical marijuana is legal in most states. This

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Marijuana Grower Salaries

Marijuana Grower Salaries: On the Up and Up

The history of marijuana cultivation has been surrounded by mystique for as long as the plant has been grown and sold under the black market. Stories of cultivators buying old houses in California’s bay area, or acres of land in California’s Humboldt county and turning them into grow operations for cannabis have intrigued novice growers

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