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 What we offer for Cannabis businesses:

  • Tax Preparation,
  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of GAAP Accruals, Including Required Cost Accounting
  • CPA Review of Entries and Reconciliations
  • Preparation of Professional GAAP Financials Statements
  • 280E Tax workpapers (convert GAAP to 280E & 471 ready)
  • Proprietary Chart of Accounts for all Cannabis Verticals
  • Perpetual Data Room
  • Rolling Cash forecasts
  • 280E Expertise & Analysis

Our Solutions: 

Lower Taxes for Cannabis touching entities - Accrual GAAP Cost Accounting is required to be performed all year (not just year-end at tax prep time) for you to maximize your tax deductions? If these deductions increase COGS 10-15%, that translates (at 35% tax rates) into about 3-5% MORE CASH in your pocket.

More money - The goal with every client is to add 3-5% of revenue to the CEO, via many ways; this could be through our strategic tax planning, unique budgeting, lean methods, improved cash forecasting, compliance and so forth.

Perpetual Data Room -All your documents, such as financial, accounting, tax, banking, legal insurance documents, etc. will be on your cloud organized and available all the time and any time! This could add huge value for investors, lenders, state auditors, IRS, and for exits.

More Peace of Mind - We will be: reviewing your bookkeeping, fixing errors, building better GAAP financials, handling your tax preparation work, reviewing compliance processes ( IRS, etc.), Internal Controls and more so you can “sleep better at night”. Bad Accounting means that you are not in compliance, it means you can be shut down or subject to large penalties and fines.

Customer Service - We cater to our clients. We are there to help you. Your success is our success!

More Time - By taking some of “headache” work off of you, and by eliminating the turnover issue, that frees up much more of your time.

Expertise - We know accounting & tax, we know finance, we know cannabis, and its operations. We are your go to marijuana CPA firm possessing the necessary expertise and knowledge.

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