Job Description

Dispensary General Manager

Direct Hire in San Jose, CA

$65,000-75,000 annual salary + up to $50,000 in bonuses

Dispensary in San Jose is looking for an experienced General Manager to oversee daily operations of the retail store. You will be the one ensuring smooth running of operations to maximize sales and minimize costs.

The ideal candidate will have experience as a store, hotel, or restaurant manager, strong interpersonal and communication skills, and an understanding of diverse business subjects such as sales, marketing, customer service, and inventory control. An effective manager will also be able to motivate personnel to perform with excellence and curate the experience customers have from the moment they walk through the door until they leave.

You will be reporting directly to the CEO. With this position comes ample opportunity to grow within the company, up to the highest level. You will start with a base salary, and add on to that performance-based bonus incentives and raises that are tied to revenue metrics, so that your compensation is directly linked to your ability to meet and exceed objectives.

Responsibilities include:

  • Supervising a team of 15-20 “Budtenders” and 1-2 Member Service Personnel (6-8 during any given shift) and guiding them to achieve their maximum performance. This includes developing methods of measuring performance and conducting reviews with each staff member.
  • Developing process flows for customer experience, customer service, POS, and inventory handling practices, with a keen emphasis on enhancing the customer experience and ensuring customer retention. You will create manuals for these operating procedures and train all new and existing staff accordingly.
  • Analyzing sales and revenue reports, making forecasts, and providing ongoing training and support to personnel to increase revenue and drive growth.
  • Preparing and controlling the store’s budget to minimize expenditure and maximize efficiency, and tracking inventory levels and purchases to ensure they stay within budget and minimize loss.
  • Ensuring the store fulfills all legal, health and safety guidelines, which includes ongoing adaptation to changing cannabis regulations and employment law.
  • Collaborate with the Merchandising, Procurement and Inventory departments to ensure optimal product selection, availability and pricing

Job Requirements:

  • Proven track record of success in employee management and development.
  • Knowledge of hospitality and/or retail management best practices.
  • Outstanding written and oral communication skills.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Team player with excellent organizational and leadership skills.
  • Analytical mind and familiarity with data analysis and reporting principles.
  • Knowledge and passion for the cannabis industry is desired but not required.
  • Strong familiarity and knowledge of retail software platforms and peripherals.
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher is desired but not required.
  • Ability to work with cross-functional teams in a fast-paced working environment.
  • Fluent in Microsoft programs including Excel, Word and PPT.
  • Independent self-starter with “can-do” attitude.

Law Requirements:

The candidate must be willing/able to be fingerprinted and background checked by the SJPD in order to get their official issued badge. The statue requires that Owners, managers or individual staff at a Collective cannot:

  • Be younger than 21
  • Participate in their duties at the Collective without obtaining and/or wearing in plain sight a valid Identification Badge.
  • Be on parole/probation for possession, sale, distribution or transportation of controlled substance
  • Have a conviction for a crime of moral turpitude
  • Have a misdemeanor/felony within past 10 years involving:
  • Use of violence, force, fear, fraud or deception;
  • Unlawful possession, sale, manufacture, use, distribution or transportation of a controlled substance;
  • Use of money to engage in criminal activity; or
  • Unlawful possession or use of a firearm

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