Job Description

We’re looking for cannabis experts who can provide personalized guidance, counseling and cannabis treatment recommendations to people with questions about the best options for cannabis use based on their needs and interests. Must have professional training in the legal cannabis industry and experience helping MMJ patients and consumers in a medical capacity, a dispensary or similar customer service focused role. Must be confident in your ability to help guide people to their best options and must be articulate and reliable.

Experts need to be based in California, but all work will be as an independent contractor – remote and self-scheduled, from the state of CA.

Services include:

1. custom product and strain suggestion guides based on a questionnaire that a customer fills out

2. guidance and answering questions by email

3. taking paid phone calls to provide advice.

You do not have to do all three. Generalists and specialists welcome (i.e. if you’re specifically knowledgeable about cannabis use for a specific condition, that’s great). We need specialists and generalists, so just let us know which one you are and what your areas of expertise are.

Additional Application Instructions
To be considered, please provide

1. an overview of your experience and qualifications (and specific knowledge categories)

2. the services you might be interested in providing

3. your desired hourly rate

4. Your availability (when could you start and how many hours per week are you available?)


Please also confirm that you are in California.