Job Description

We are seeking an energetic, organic, grass-fed, GMO-free sales representative to join our team at Atmos Farms. We are a Korean Natural Farm that cultivates high-quality craft cannabis using our own in-house nutrient ferment line, soil, and greenhouse designs. We seek to bring to the Oregon recreational marijuana market flower that is for the connoisseur and sustainably minded individual. From farm to flame we bring to the table more than just a flower but a lifestyle which promotes well being among all of life’s creatures. We believe that through our farming practices and the lessons they teach we can bring health not only to the people but back to the earth.

What we need from you is your help on spreading the good flower around this wonderful state. We are a super small team, like really small, it’s only three people including myself, with a large farm to manage. We need someone who can drive themselves around, make connections with dispensaries, and push our flower onto their shelves. We have two tiers of flower currently, indoor & outdoor.

We will provide a sliding scale of % of gross sales for each sale depending on industry experience, and connection already had within the industry.
We require you to have your OLCC Marijuana Handlers Card in order to begin application process.

How to Apply:
The process of applying is simple. Call or email me at 541-225-8316 or [email protected] We can meet over coffee, etc. and see where we connect and if we vibe well with each other.

Thank you for your time!

Artees C. Vannett
Atmos Farms Inc.

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