Job Description

We are in search of a young actress, to play the role of the curious, playful, 19 year old girl, who seduced, and fell in love with a man, thirty years her senior. This add is being posted on this platform because they enjoy Cannabis together on a daily basis, and it takes a very special kind of person to portray this energy, and indulgence.  They shared a very intense, year long romance, that ended as abruptly as it started. Their relationship was as taboo, and edgy, as it was romantic and filled with light.

This role will have to emanate, innocence and youth, as much as curiosity, and the confidence to explore the darker, more forbidden realms that very few girls her age would ever imagine possible. This film will expose the inspirational, and progressive side of todays counter cannabis culture, while simultaneously, maintaining romance, and adventure, and lust throughout.

Her persona, identifies, as a festival-yogi-artsy-hippy chic, with a highly secretive “bad girl” side. Please only reply if you can realistically play the part of a petite, sweet, curious, 19 year old girl. Please reply with a brief cover letter, that explains why you think you resonate and will excel at this role like no one else would. Please also include your bio, and reel, or any pictures you believe will be relevant to the qualification of this role.

Production will begin within 1-2 months and will require approximately 3-4 weeks of commitment to this production. Most of the content will be shot on location in Ventura CA, and the surrounding beaches/restaurants. On the Vanilla side of things, it will include some Sailing. Surfing, Kayaking, and Snorkeling Scenes. (Body Double Available if needed)  There will also be a week-long shoot in the Jungles and Beaches of Costa Rica, so anyone interested in this opportunity must have a passport.

Our goal is to create a truly artistic, exhilarating and beautiful rendering of this colorful relationship these two lovers shared for a year of their lives.

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